Monday, March 30, 2009

Kensley's One Year Photos Part II

The weekend after Kensley's birthday we took her to Kiddie Kandids to have her pictures taken. It would be a huge understatement to say that they did not go well. First, she woke up really late that morning and since her pictures were scheduled for one in the afternoon, she did not get a nap in beforehand. That was mistake number one. She also didn't eat much before the pictures either since she was in a weird, my schedule is way off course mood. This was mistake number two. So we get to Kiddi Kandids and we start getting her dressed for the pictures. Unfortunately, the adorable outfit that I had planned- a tutu and birthday hat would not work. Since K is over 9 months old she has to have something on covering her top. They dont take naked pictures of babies after 9 months. The only top I had with me was a stained and old white onesie. Mistake number 3. K wouldnt smile for the camera, she wanted me to hold her the entire time and in the 3 pictures the photographer managed to take she had her arm in front of her face as she reached for me. We left without ordering a single picture and I was more than a little discouraged. How in the world do you take pictures of a one-year-old? I was starting to wish I had done the tutu pic when she was 6 months and sat perfectly content and happy.

So yesterday we tried again. This time she had two naps before we went (we scheduled them later in the afternoon), she had lunch and a snack and I brought her elmo for the photographer to use to distract her. We also bought her a leotard, and I decided since she wanted me to hold her so bad last time, we would just be in the picture with her holding her hands. Her mood was infinately better yesterday and we managed to get some adorable pictures. I didnt get any with her birthday hat, she kept ripping it off and started fussing so her hair looks a little plain, but I love them. I hope you do too.

Also, I must say that our photographer Stephanie is the best one we have ever had. We have been lucky enough to get her 3 times now and I don't think I would pick anyone else. She is fabulous with kids!

Our Favorite-

Our beautiful ballarina

What snow? I am ready for summer!

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