Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Squeaky Green

I wish I had a video monitor. I laid K down for a nap and she is in her room squeeling and laughing. I wish I could find out what she found so funny

Tomorrow we are taking her for a free class at Gymboree. Have any of you ever taken your kids there? It sounds like something she will absolutely love. It has music and games and she gets to crawl around on things. It is all age-appropriate too. Its a good amount to join each month, but I can take her 4 times a week. One class per week and then 3 times she can just go and do as she pleases. It will get us out of the house and give her a chance to play with other kids too. I'm pretty excited. And I may meet other mothers with kids my age, which is also a perk.

Dave is working a 24 hour shift today so it is just us girls fending for ourselves. We ran to T.J.Maxx and Target and I spent way too much money there. I am really wanting a GREEN purse for spring but have had no luck finding a cute one. I bought K some baby legs, leggings, a new sippy to try, some more spoons and snacks. I also bought some organizational things for my desk and kitchen.

I also bought K some natural diaper cream, lotion and shampoo. It is all by Method. I buy all Method or seventh generation cleaning supplies because they are all natural and dont use any dyes, chemicals or perfumes and since I saw that they made baby products I figured I would give them a try. I am hoping the diaper cream works, she has never had a rash yet but I have been using a regular diaper cream and have heard so many bad things lately about what is in shampoos, lotions and diaper cream. Nasty chemicals and all that. And since I feed her organic foods and milk, this was just another thing to add to my list. You may already know this, but tear-free shampoo is NOT a mild soap that doesn't cause tears, it just contains a numbing agent that numbs your baby's eyes so they can't feel it burning. I learned that back in my early-childhood education days. Anyway, enough with that rant. ha! If I really like the diaper cream I may do a giveaway and send one of you a bottle to try if you are interested.

Anyway, I am off to get some things done around the house. Maybe a picture post later?


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