Monday, June 15, 2009

Drive-in Theater

This past Friday Dave and I decided to load up the car with Kensley in tow and head up to the drive-in movie theater in Barberton. We came fully prepared with K in her pj's, sippy cup of milk and her taggie blanket. I have never been to a drive-in before, but Dave used to go all of the time when he was a little boy.
Look at that, K at 15 months is already doing things it took me 27 YEARS to do!

It was so neat to go and think about what it must have been like back in the drive-in heyday. To go on a date with your boyfriend and cuddle up together in your car and enjoy a movie. It really does make you think about a simpler time and how much fun things like this can still be.

Not surprisingly, K is in love with all things tv and the fact there was a gigantic screen in front of her held her attention until past midnight. She didnt make a peep throughout The Hangover. She just sucked on her paci and enjoyed the movie. By the time Terminator started she was getting a bit fussy and refused to go to sleep with such a big distraction staring her in the face. We left about 30 minutes into it. But the fact that Dave and I got to enjoy a movie without the hassle of finding a sitter was a major plus for us! We will definitely go back sometime soon.

Here I am waiting for Dave to get us a coke for the movie!

The beautiful sunset we caught

Waiting for the movie to start...

K very tired but staying up to enjoy the movie with us.

Christian Bale ;)

Have any of you enjoyed a drive-in theater?

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