Monday, June 1, 2009


We took K to the Cleveland Zoo on Friday. The last time we went to the zoo was last summer and K slept through the whole thing in her stroller. So this year we were very excitd to see she was a little more interested in the animals. As long as they moved, she would stare at them and smile. She really liked the aquarium animals. We even found clown fish that looked just like Nemo and Marlin and she watched them for about 15 minutes with her hands pressed up to the glass.

There was one thing I just couldn't believe that I saw. As we came up to a turtle exhibit they had these huge massive turtles laying out front. I saw a woman around 40-50 years old picking up rocks and tossing them at the turtles trying to get them to move. I was so upset by that. I almost picked up a rock and tossed it at her. I could see a young child doing that, but not an older woman who should have known better.

You can kind of see in the reflection of the glass how close she was to the orangutan!

She behaved surprisingly well and made it a good 3 hours there (plus the hour drive to the zoo) before she started to get tired and cranky. It was such a great way to spend our anniversary and we can't wait to see how excited she gets about the zoo next year!

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