Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just one of those days...

It is 1pm and K has already had two timeouts naps and I have given her tylenol to help soothe whatever it is that is wrong. She woke up super clingy and fussy and it hasn't stopped. She cries to be held, then cries to be put down then cries because I put her down. It really is so exhausting on days like this. Even Shrek hasn't seemed to help.

What's worse is that last night I was trying to clip her claws fingernails and she pulled her hand away and I cut her finger. But by the scene last night you would have thought that I CHOPPED HER FINGER OFF. There was blood everywhere and I was trying to blot it with toilet paper to see just how bad it really was and she was FLAILING and SCREAMING and nothing I did could get her to calm down. I ended up calling Dave and bawling telling him to get home a.s.a.p because we may have to go the emergency room. Who makes those little baby fingernail clippers? Do they have any idea they have the cutting power of a machete? How can those things be safe when they practically cut children fingers off in one little clip?! And what is it about children that make them bleed so much?! I already felt like the world's worst mother without all the gallons of blood that came out of a little paper-cut sized wound. If there is one thing I hate doing it is cutting fingernails. Ugh.

Finally Dave did get home and she calmed down and it doesn't look too bad from what she will let me see of it. But man, oh man.

So I don't know if it is the finger or something else that is bothering her today but for once in my life I am counting down the hours till I can go to work. And enjoy my solitude.

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  1. I am so sorry to be laughing. I have had many days like this.

    I have found fingernail scissors to be much less deadly. It is really hard to cut their skin with the scissors. You can buy the baby ones or just regular ones with a dull point.

    Also, it seems some babies are either Tylenol babies or Motrin babies. Try Motrin. Heck, try both, every 2 hours alternating.

    There's all the unsolicited advice for the day :)


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