Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day '09

I have to start my Father's Day post by pointing out my dad's huge Father's Day Fashion Don't. Socks with sandals??!! In June??!! Sometimes I am just so embarrassed to be your daughter. But he redeemed himself just a little by wearing the Ohio State shirt Colton bought him with the Cleveland Browns swimtrunks we bought him at the same time because he liked our gifts so much. Love ya Dad. And Kensley may or may not be wearing pajamas from the night before because her parents are just a tad too lazy to change her clothes. Anyways.

Father's Day was a good one. We spent the majority of the day at my mom and dad's. We ate delicious grilled food, swam in the pool (and K enjoyed it much more this time!), toasted marshmallows and ate s'mores and had a great time celebrating the men in our lives.

K really enjoyed the s'mores.

My brother and his gf Rachel spent the day with us as well. The look blindingly pale in this picture because they never come outdoors. They are usually always in the basement ignoring the rest of us ;)

Mom and Pops.

She now grabs your hand and makes you take her for walks all over. She walked circles around the yard for at least an hour.

Champion marshmallow toaster.

Just the three of us.

Daddy's girl

This was the view from the pool. A girl could get used to this!

I feel so blessed to be married to the man that I am. I knew when I met him that he was going to be an amazing dad and that was one of only a million reasons why I married him. Just watching him with K each and every day is a sight to see. He is soo good with her, he thinks about and misses her constantly and when she sees him her whole face lights up. I am glad that we have days like today, but I hope that he knows how much I appreciate him each and every day.

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