Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Photo Post

Kait82521-Post a photo of the inside of your fridge and the inside of your closet please!

Alright, You asked for it! And here is the inside of my fridge in all of its glory!

I have broken it down by shelves. The top shelf has our homemade suntea, there are some of K's teethers in a bowl, some homemade pesto vinaigrette dressing, organic yogurt, pomegranate w/ acai juice, organic butter, organic pizza sauce, steamed broccoli, organic refried kidney beans and some organic cherry tomatoes.

The second shelf has light sour cream, organic prunes, organic strawberries and raspberries and some organic chocolate chip cookies ;)

The bottom shelf has watermelon cubes, organic honey wine, Simply Lemonade-with raspberry, organic whole milk and Arizona green tea.

We have a ton of condiments ;)

This is our walk-through closet. This is the view looking in from our bedroom. The opposite door leads to the bathroom. Its super messy, but I am trying to keep it real ;) You can see all of my ties for work, most of my old maternity clothes are on the top shelf and the boxes on the floor are full of shoes that I have yet to unpack since we moved in February. Yes, you should be able to see my Peyton Manning SuperBowl jersey. And yes, I hang my purses in my closet as well.

This is Dave's side and it is looking pretty bare because he needs to do his laundry. His side is always cleaner than my side though. Mine is usually a disaster.

Thanks so much for asking! I loved all of your questions!More photo posts to come!

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