Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photo Post

DanielleNicole99- I want a picture of your house when you think it is messy!

Well, this certainly was not hard. My house usually resembles that of a tornado's aftermath. These were taken just this past evening before K went to bed and I had a chance to pick the living room up. These pics are pretty mild though. I would dare say this looks clean for my home.

I am really look forward to when K gets a bit older because we are going to set the basement up into a playroom and all of the junk toys in that corner will be out of sight/out of mind. But we need to wait till she can go up and down stairs safely first. That huge car needs to go, but her aunt and uncle dropped it off weeks ago and that is where it has stayed. (K is terrified of that car. She loses her mind when I set her in it. But she loves to play around it).

One of my biggest peeves is when there is stuff all over the couch and the cushions are not in their place. I need to let it go, because by the end of the day it always looks like this. We have Dave and K's clothes, a box of tissues and a stethoscope (Dave was listening to my lungs when I had those terrible allergies) all hanging on the back of the couch. The pillows are definitely not in their place and the throw is all messed up as well. Even in 100° heat I still use my throw blanket. It drives Dave nuts.

And if you look in the bottom corner of this pic you can see the very top of the adorable head of the little girl who makes all the messes. But we have such a good time making them, that its not soo bad to clean up after ;)

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