Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An update

A few nights ago I was over at my cousin's (who lives literally right beside me) and I started getting this tight squeezing feeling in my tummy so I came home, laid down and it went away. The next night it returned and it kept me up all night and yesterday morning it still hadnt gone away. It was this tight feeling in my tummy with a lot of pain. I felt sick to my stomach and sort of nauseous but I went into work last night. Once I got there it started to get worse and one of the girls joked about not wanting my manager to deliver my baby so I figured I would call into the doctor just to see what he said.

He wanted me to come in right away since neither he or a nurse practitioner would be in the following day and if it happened to get worse I would have to go into L&D. My boss was really understanding and told me to go right away. Just to let him know what the doctor said and what was up.

I got to the office and they ran a urine sample and apparently I have a kidney infection and some contractions. I believe its the kidney infection that is causing the contractions but my doctor didn't seem to thrilled about me working so much on my feet with no breaks. He wants me to take off work till Thursday, prescribed me some meds for pain and the infection and Thursday morning I will go back in for a pre-term labor test and an ultrasound and he will then decide if I should return to work.

Luckily last night Dave was hoem to take care of me. He brought home dinner and New Moon and we relaxed on the couch, and today I have pretty much been parked in the same spot ;)

Today I feel worlds better, no tight tummy squeezing. I really do think it was the infection that was causing the contractions. I am hoping the doctor doesn't want me to stop working because we need the money, but I fully understand that whatever it takes to keep Rowan happy and healthy and growing INSIDE my tummy for the next 15 or so weeks I will do.

Lots of you sent well wishes on Facebook and thank you ladies. As for the rest of you who didn't know I just wanted to let you know I am feeling better today and yesterday at the doctors office Rowan's heart rate was a solid 141 bpm and he was happily kicking up a storm ;)


  1. I'm glad that you are feeling better and I hope it was just the infection causing it..... how did you come across the name Rowan?

  2. thank you! I agree... that is why I'm looking at the positive side.

    How are you and little baby Rowan doing?

  3. We are doing much better, still having the contractions but they are farther and fewer between so I have just been taking it easy.

    And to answer your previous question Rowan was a name we really liked when I was pregnant the first time if we had a boy but obviously that didn't happen ;) I am pretty sure we saw it in a cool baby name book!

  4. Oh my goodness! That is scary. I just said a prayer for you and Rowen. Stay healthy


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