Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day Fun

Hope you all had a good St. Patrick's Day. The weather here was B-E-A-U_TIFUL so we spent the morning at the park. Kensley was having such a good time that she threw the biggest fit when we had to go home. But there will be plenty more days for going to the park.


She went down the slides all by herself too. Such a big girl!


I was laughing so hard because I could barely get my pregnant butt up in the swing to swing with her, so we were half hanging off the swing trying to pick up speed.




And once we hit the sandbox, this is where we stayed the rest of the day. She LOVED the sandbox. I hear Papa is making her a sandbox for the backyard and now we know that she is going to love it.




When we left we decided to stop at the local ice cream stop for a small cone to cheer her up. It worked for a few minutes at least ;)





And what would St. Patrick's Day be without a little GREEN?


Shrek green is what I think that color should be called. Kensley let me paint her toes one foot before she grew tired and insisted I put her sock back on. No Irish pride I tell ya.


And my sad attempt to get a pic of the two of us in our green. I was on my way to work so that will explain the shirt and tie. I don't usually dress like a man. ;)


Eh. You get the idea at least.

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