Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Bump is growing...

It has been a few weeks since I have posted a baby bump picture and even this one is several weeks old, but it shows that the bump is indeed getting bigger. This was around 19-20 weeks.



These were taken before our big move and sadly with the move, Kensley's birthday party and just life in general getting in the way I haven't had much time to take a belly picture. I will have to try to fit one in tomorrow.

And speaking of life- here are some things that we have been up to lately.


One of the first nights in the new house Kensley and I had a pajama party and watched Milo and Otis while eating fruit in bed. We had a blast, I got a ton of snuggle time, hugs and kisses and I have to remember to do more things like this together in the future. Mani/Pedi's are in our future ;)


We have been reading books. Lots and lots of books.



And getting the house all ready for Easter and the Easter Bunny by hanging stickies on the window. We may even try to dye some eggs soon if we get brave enough ;)

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  1. for some reason it doesn't show me that you have updated.... and I just happened to open your page and saw all these updates... hmmmmm.

    You are looking great


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