Monday, March 8, 2010

Kensley's 2nd Birthday

(Written on March 7th, 2010)

Dear Kensley,

Today you turn 2 years old and I can not believe how fast the time has flown by. To think that two years ago I was still in labor with you, anticipating what you would look like and who you would be like. Really that day is now such a blur of excitement and emotion up until the moment I held you and I remember at that moment it was like the world stopped spinning. I held you in my arms and you looked right at me and I couldn't breathe you were just that beautiful.


The funny thing about life is that when you are pregnant the hours seem like days and the days seem like years up until the day you are born. Then the hours seem like minutes and the days seem like hours. It goes by so fast. Every mother will tell you it does but until you have a child of your own you don't fully comprehend how quickly the time will go. I know I didn't. I was not prepared for today and how soon this day would come. Last night I was packing up some of your baby things and I found the dress you wore when you had your one month picture taken. I held it up- it was such a tiny dress- and remembered that you once fit your little body inside it. I smelled it, held it against me and cried. I cried because although it is so fun to see you grow and change it is hard for this momma to see the baby you were slip away. To know that one day you won't need me as much as you used to.


You are becoming such an independent little lady. You got a bicycle for your birthday and you looked so proud sitting on it. You were ready to go! Your daddy and papa pushed you around the living room and you had the biggest grin. Even after everyone had left you still took your daddy's hand and walked him over to that bike and showed him that you wanted just one more spin around the living room. It won't be long before we will be chasing behind you on that bike.


You are the funniest kid I have ever met. The things you do and the way you do them just crack me up. There are nights when we ask you if you want to go "night night" and you take us by the hand and lead us up the stairs without a peep. Other nights when we ask you, you pretend to lay your head down on the floor and then look up with the biggest grin as if that was you showing us how to go night night. Everything is "Ooooh" and "WOW" and it is so fun to think that your world is really full of things that amaze you.


You are extremely loving. The best part about you being two so far is that you are a constant giver of hugs and kisses. You may not give them every time we as but you give them plenty and often. There are times when I am not paying attention and feel you wrap your arms around my legs and squeeze. Or you kiss the back of my head when we sit together on the floor. These are the moments I treasure most of all. When people ask how we think you will handle being a big sister we usually say that you will probably smother your brother in kisses. You are the kindest and sweetest little girl. You are also the world's biggest flirt. You blow kisses and give hugs to men twice your age and I really think your daddy should keep an eye on that.


One thing that may be tested in the next few months is your patience. If you want something, you want it NOW. If you want to go play in your playroom and I have to first go to the bathroom or if you want dinner and I have to heat it up first it usually ends up being the end of the world. I am hoping that with the arrival of your little brother will come just a tiny bit of patience for me. I may not be able to do things for you at the drop of a hat but I will definitely get to it when I have the first chance to do so.


This has been one amazing year for us and as sad as I am to watch my baby become the big girl, I am so excited to watch you learn new things and grow into a fabulous big sister. I can't wait to see you and your baby brother together. This year will bring so many new things our way and I am nothing but grateful to get to have these days with you. For when we played the baby lottery we truly hit the jackpot with you.





  1. a) i read this and cried b) her hair looks adorable...and so wavy! very adorable!

  2. Thanks hun! I scrunched it ;) We had to break out the big guns for b-day #2 ;)


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