Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Days of Thankfullness- Day 1

I can't believe it is already November! Seriously, where did this year go? I have been seeing for awhile now people that have dedicated entire blogs to things they are thankful for and I thought, "What better time than now to list what I am thankful for?" So here we go. I plan to post each day in November about something I am thankful for. Today is day one of my 30 day challenge to take a look at my life and remember how blessed I truly am.

It probably comes as no surprise what I am MOST thankful for.

My kids.



There is so much to be thankful for when it comes to my kids. I am so thankful to have them in my life because they made me a mother. I have wanted to be a mother since I can remember having thoughts. They are the absolute light of my life and they make every day something special. Even on the days where I want to sell them (or give them away for FREE) I know how lucky I am to have these two special people in my life. I am so thankful that they are happy and healthy. I am thankful for Kensley and her laugh. The way she hugs me and how her little voice sounds when she says, "mama." How she comes running to the door when I come home. How sensitive she is and cares about people's feelings. I am thankful for Rowan and his smiles. He gives them so freely. He is such a happy baby and he reminds me about what is truly important- food, sleep and some good cuddles. These two are above all my greatest blessings on this earth. And for that I am forever Thankful.

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