Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey Babe? Can You Come Here A Minute?

As a mother those are some words that you never want to hear your husband say.

Especially when he says them after walking into your daughter's room.

At 1 a.m.

Either she is really sick or she has done something she really shouldn't. Because well, it is 1 a.m.

Shouldn't she be sleeping?

So when my husband said these words to me last night early this morning. I told him I didn't want to know. I don't even want to know. So he brought her in to me. And this is what I see...


Can you see it?


Yeah. That is a whole bottle of lotion in her hair right there.


I guess Dave went out to check the mail after he got home from work and noticed that the light was on in Kensley's room. When he went in to investigate...well. There you go. She came in to me and said, "Mama, I so pretty?" Oh yeah baby girl. You're gorgeous.

So after her second bath of the evening and clicking the light OFF on her ceiling fan so she can't turn her light on she is now crying herself to sleep for the second time.

Is it bad that I can't stop laughing? Never a dull moment around here...


  1. Well at least her hair will be nice and moisturized! LOL

  2. Oh V! This cracked me up! There ISN'T ever a dull moment with Miss Kensley! :)


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