Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you for all of your thoughts on my haircolor ladies. I decided to stick with all blonde for now. I figure, Im gonna look all tired and swollen in Kensley's baby pics so I might as well have good looking hair, right? It also seemed to be most of your fav look, and I already knew I look best blonde so a lot of you helped me realize a drastic change weeks before baby is due is probably not the best idea for my emotional well being. Thank you again!

Today was our 36 week checkup. I was up all night last night with cramps from hell. Ive had them off and on since I went to labor and delivery two weeks ago. But last night they were killer and kept me up most of the night. Nothing timeable, so I knew they werent contractions but goodness If I have to deal with these for another 3 weeks I may just rip this baby out myself. I only gained a pound this week, and if I only gain a pound a week until she gets here my total will be almost 35 lbs. and Im pleased with that. She is measuring right on track still and her head is down and right at my cervix. Im still a little over a cm dialated and 60% effaced. Two weeks ago I was really solid, so at least the effacement is progressing. Ill be back in a week for another checkup, but if I have any timeable contractions I should call the doctor. Im really debating taking a tylenol and trying to go back to bed for a bit. I havent been sleeping well at all lately and this should be the time I try to get sleep! haha. Funny how that works.

And as for Valentine's Day, this is what I came home to yesterday...

Picture 427s

It was actually a lot darker in the room, but I took the pic on night mode. I got a gourmet meal picnic on our living room floor! Salad, bread, grilled chicken and pasta! And he made chocolate molton cake for dessert. He got me a cute card that plays, "Hey good lookin, whatcha got cooking?" because I sing that to him all the time when he cooks dinner haha. He wrote about this being our last holiday alone, but cant wait for our new "addition". He also went to 3 different stores to find me pot of gold chocolate caramels. Do I have the greatest hubby or what? And if you think he forgot that it might be hard for a 9 month pregnant woman to eat off the floor, he put pillows down and he fed me himself ;) *sigh* I love that man.

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