Friday, February 29, 2008

38 Week Pics

My doctor apt is not until 4:30 today, usually I go at 6:30 in the morning. I dont like sitting around waiting all day to go lol. Im just hoping for some progress at least, but we shall see. After the doctor's my mom and dad are coming up to take us out to eat for my graduation dinner. Its not the best time to go out to eat, since my stomach is the size of a small lima bean and I cant eat much, but Im still excited to be going.

We went to Target last night and walked around and I got a bunch of new makeup which makes me excited. I needed something to lift my spirits. Its funny how truly girly I am, that makeup gets me excited. I got the almay eyeshadow to bring out the color of your eyes. Mine are hazel (brown and green) so I already had the one for brown and the one for green, last night I bought the new on for hazel eyes. Its all grey's so Ill see if I like it. Ive really liked all the other ones so far. I also bought eye-makeup remover because I bought some waterproof mascara and I have to scrub my eyes with soap and sandpaper to get the darn stuff off. I will definitely not have racoon eyes when the baby is born! We also bought Dave a bunch of snack bars to take to the hospital so he doesn't starve to death. He was complaining the other day that the hospital has nothing good in their vending machines. So yeah, we are all set to go!

Ill probably update later tonight after we get home from dinner and once we hear what the doctor had to say. But I do have my 38 week belly pics to share as well....



It might just be me, but it does seem like my belly is lower and rounder, like she has dropped some and is out more...but that could just be me..

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