Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things Are Looking Up!

Dave seems to be doing much better today. He didnt eat a thing yesterday, since our goal was to just keep fluids down, but today he has had some toast and has an appetite back. Ill be making him some soup in a bit if he feel up to it. Thank you for all of you who wished him to get better soon, and for me not to catch it. Im feeling pretty good. I stayed in the bedroom ALL DAY yesterday to avoid him, and even though it was the longest day of my life...it was worth it not to get sick. Thank you to all you ladies you sent me your screen names. I had fun chatting with you yesterday! And from waht Ive heard yesterday, most of you agree that Medela is best, which I already knew haha. Looks like Ill be sucking it up and buying a good one.

Anyways, as promised here are a few pics from Sundays Baby Shower and my 36 week pics!

Dave and his birthday cake!


This was too funny, his aunt bought him a tool belt that says "Daddy's Essentials" It has rubber gloves, a face mask, goggles, a pacifier, diaper wipes and a diaper. He loved it! She also bought him a "manly" diaper bag and it was stuffed with essentials!


Our bedding. Sorry its so pale...its mint green, pink and lace. Its gorgeous in person but doesnt photograph well.


This dress was given to Dave's mom at her baby shower for Dave. Since he obviously wasnt a girl, she kept it and now has given it to Kensley! That little dress is 28 years old!


Yay! His aunt made me a Care Bears blankie. I had a Care Bears sleeping bag when was little and I used it until the stuffing came out haha.


Daddy is ready for diaper duty!!!


My big belly at 36 weeks!



Im going to be washing her clothes, sheets and all that today and packing the overnight bag. I need to get that done! I hope you all are having a great day and Ill be on for sure later to comment!

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