Thursday, February 7, 2008

35 Week Checkup

I had my 35 week checkup this morning and everything is looking great. Another in and out quick visit. From what the scale said I gained 2 lbs this week, but I havent gone to the bathroom and I know thats why I am up so Id say I only gained a lb. My belly is still measuring right on track, Id imagine she is head down but the doctor didnt say. He told me today that they wont do another internal exam until 37 weeks unless Im having problems. I was kind of bummed and I think hubby was too because we wanted to see if I progressed any, but on the other hand Im pretty happy he didnt have to shove his hand up to my eyeballs to see if Im dialating anymore.

Came home and hubby got back in bed with me for awhile. That was nice. I couldnt sleep last night because I was so hot. I would throw the covers off and then be freezing. Very annoying. Plus my hubby is the heaviest breather in his sleep. Its not snoring its just BREATHING VERY VERY LOUDLY. I swear he must be running marathons in his dreams. Maybe thats how he stays so thin?

Anyway, today I am planning on washing some of Kensley's clothes, but Im probably going to try to go back to bed for a bit. After I drink a glass of Sunny Delight. YUM.

Cute story- I was at work last night and hubby calls and is like, "Did you buy something online?" and Im thinking to myself...I dont think so. No no I'm pretty sure I haven't bought anything in a long time, why? And he says, "Well there is this box from, should I open it? And I'm thinking Ive never head of a in my life. Here, its from Toys R Us lol. It was some things his aunt bought us off the registry. But he was saying it like But when I got home the box did say and I would have probably thought the same thing. Anyway she bought us some more bottles, another sleep sac, pink boppy cover and the sit and spin mat for tummy time. The ladybug she is supposed to lay on isnt very soft though, we may end up just using the mat to lay her on for tummy time. We shall see.

My gma took this pic a few weeks ago and my hubby looked so handsome in it :) I gush.


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