Friday, February 1, 2008


I really should be working on the mountain of Thank You cards I have sitting here staring at me. I have no motivation to do them. Its a lazy day. Its freezing cold with snow/freezing rain and I just want to stay curled up on the couch under my blankie wasting the day away.

Not much planned for tonight, I have some cleaning to get caught up on and that's about it. We have free movie passes, but there hasn't been anything out worth using them on. Everything I sort of want to see I can wait till it comes to the $1 theatre. Even if it means going out after the baby is born.

I took some more pics of Kensley's room. I was bored and there was nothing better to do. So for those of you who asked...Here are a few pics.

Here are most of the books that we got Sunday at the baby shower :)


The shelf my grandma made for her room. It just has a few picture frames and things on it now. The piggy bank was my hubby's when he was a baby.


The glider with the afghan my grandma made for her.


The pack n play. It fits perfectly beside our bed too :)


The diaper bag I got. I actually love it because its a messenger bag, but also comes with these hooks to hook it onto my stroller bar. Its very convienent.


Her drawer that is stuffed with bibs, onsies, burp clothes, recieving blankets, socks, shoes, hats and headbands!


My favorite burp cloths :)


What her closet is looking like these days. I have soo many more clothes to hang up, but we ran out of baby hangers. Plus all of her bath stuff and misc stuff is in all the clothes baskets lol.


Her mobile. We have yet to get the bedding and her curtians since we are getting those at the shower next Sunday. After we get all of that stuff I will take pics of her completed room!


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