Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So in love with our baby girl

Ive been trying all day to get on here and when you have a newborn things just dont get done when you want them to. The past few days have been long and hard, but also some of the most rewarding and fulfilling days of my life. Im still feeling a bit sore from the c-section. A mix of a strange burning feeling in my gut and then a numbness around the c-section site. Luckily, Ive been able to squeeze in an hour nap here and there and I feel pretty good after each of those. Pumping is going well, but slow. Ive been getting about an ounce out each time. So I give her that before she gets any formula. I'm hoping it starts increasing soon, but I'm hearing that an ounce a feeding is normal. I have a little miss piggy on my hands though. She woke up almost every hour on the hour last night wanting to eat. She ate about 2 ounces give or take each time. Today she drank 3 oz at two feedings. Im quite proud of my little eater. She had her first bath today and it went surprisingly well. I tried to keep her covered as best I could and only did a small section at a time and even though she screamed, it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. We basically spent the day today all three of us cuddled on the couch. She laid on Dave's chest and slept for 3 hours and all we could do was stare at this perfect little creation of ours. We cant believe we made something so perfect, so sweet and so beautiful. It doesnt take much to entertain us these days, just a quick gassy smile and we are over the moon.

Even though I didnt think it could grow anymore, my love for Dave has surpassed anything I ever thought it could be. He has been so good with Kensley. Ive only changed one diaper so far and I had to ask. He immediately scoops her up in the morning and I have to pry his fingers off of her to get a chance to hold her myself. I constantly hear them in the other room having conversations with each other. Basically, Dave monopolizes the conversation by telling her she is the most beautiful thing and she grunts and groans in response. We have been working really well together as a team and I have to realize that we are in this together. It feels good to know I have such a wonderful husband. I couldnt do all this without him. Plus I wouldnt have this baby girl who just so happens to be an identical twin of my husband. Seriously, Ill post his hospital picture and you can all see for yourselves!

Everyone has been so wonderful the past few days. Plenty of visitors and callers and a few came to bring us dinner. But the best times these past few days have just been the time the three of us have spent together. I know Im going to be heartbroken when Dave goes back to work next week. But not nearly as sad as I know he will be. We are just trying to soak it all in.

Sorry for the lack of updates and Ill be working on the birth story as soon as I can. I havent been around to any of your sites, but know that Im thinking about all of you and hope you are all doing well. Feel free to update me in a comment and Ill try to get around to see how you are doing soon. Im off to go stare at this amazing little girl a bit more!

All ready to come home from the hospital!


First car ride!


Daddy's little girl


She takes after him!


Not happy with all the pictures.


Oh! Those feet!


And here is Dave and I at Kensley's age!

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