Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't wake a sleeping husband

Dave has been so helpful during the day, so at night I have been trying to get up with her as much as I can and let him sleep. This is also because my husband is a very sound sleeper and half the time doesnt wake up until I yell "Dave" and he jumps so high out of bed you would think his butt was on fire. Also, after waking him up from his deep sleep, he isnt much help to me. Last night I asked him to go get a bottle for me while I changed her diaper. I heard him go out into the kitchen and then go to the bathroom. He came back in the bedroom, smiled at me and crawled back into bed. I asked him if he forgot something? He looked at me and rolled his eyes. He got the bottle out of the fridge, set it on the counter and then went to the bathroom. It was pretty funny. Either way, we have decided Dave is much better at helping me out if he gets some rest at night, and since I cant sleep at night if I hear her he lets me lay down during the day to nap while he takes care of her. Its working pretty well for us.

I have to keep this short because I need to go eat dinner and then pump. I hope you all are doing well and even though I havent been commenting, Ive been trying to keep up with all of you. Tomorrow is Kensley's first doctor visit so hopefully Ill have some good news to share. Like how my 8 lb baby now weighs 45 from all her late night feedings.



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