Saturday, March 1, 2008

38 Week Checkup

Went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still looking the same. I lost 4 lbs, my blood pressure was 117/70, her heart rate is excellent. I havent progressed anymore from last week. My next apt is next Fri and if I make it to that one they will strip my membranes. He checked and said he could feel her head right there! Which I already knew, because boy can I feel it! He also guestimated that she is around 7-7 1/2 lbs. So no 10 pounder for me yet So yeah, now its basically a waiting game to see if see if she decides to come on her own or not. I have been having bad cramping all day today, but Ive been cramping for a month now and that hasnt done a thing. No contractions because this is a CONSTANT pain and nothing timeable. So we shall see..At least now we know she will be a March baby and our little lucky charm!

Went to dinner last night with my parents and it was delish. On the way out my dad said, "Next time we see you, you will be handing me my grandchild!" haha. I sure hope so.

Anyway, I just thought I would update and let you know baby girl is still in the oven and who knows when she is coming out! haha.

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