Friday, March 14, 2008

My little porker

Today was Kensley's one week check-up. We almost missed the appointment entirely because we set the alarm for 9 this morning and I woke up to Dave saying, "Babe its 9:30!" Apparently he told me it was 9 and then went back to sleep. So we frantically got her dressed and out the door in under 20 minutes. We rock and should be given medals.

Kensley weighed 8 lbs at birth and then weighed 7lbs 12 oz when we left the hospital. Today she is back up to 8lbs 7oz. She gained over 1/2 a pound this week! She also went from 19 1/4 inches to 20 inches. Im so glad she is healthy and growing, but Im also sad cuz I want her to stay little forever. I guess we dont have to worry about her eating though, she is definitely getting enough!

The nurse went crazy over our sweet little baby. She said she was gorgeous and could be a movie star haha. She was going on and on about her coloring and her hair and her chubby little legs. We are a bit biased, but its great when other people agree that your baby is precious. The nurse was too funny because she said some babies come in after a week and look all squirrely and she has to tell the parents they have an adorable kid but she just wont look them in the eyes haha. But then assured us again that we had the cutest baby. We heard her out in the hallway telling our doctor that he had the cutest baby of the day lol.

Pumping is going a little better, Im now getting out about 2 ounces. So she is getting severeal bottles a day of breastmilk. I weighed myself yesterday and Ive lost 18 lbs so far. Im hoping once I can get moving again some more will come off. My c-section wound is healing pretty nicely, and it only really hurts when I get up off the couch or out of bed after laying for awhile. Nothing too bad. I know some people have a really hard time healing.

We may venture to the mall at some point today. We have even more family coming to bring is dinner tonight. We havent had to cook at all this week and it has been so nice. Our family has blown us away with all that they have done for us. Im still slowly working on the birth story, its very long because I want to remember as much as I possibly can so I can give it to Kensley. Ill be posting it as soon as it is complete!


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