Sunday, March 16, 2008

A little scared...

Dave is working 12-7 today and so that means today is my first day all by myself with Kensley. And to be honest Im a little nervous. My husband has been such an amazing help to me this first week of her life and now its all on me. I cried when he left for work today and I felt awful because I know he was having just as hard a time leaving. It just shows me how wonderful he really is. I am so so lucky to have him. Lets hope I can keep it together until 730 when he gets home.

Luckily I have the most amazing invention imaginable. A bouncy seat. Ive set her in that on vibrate and I was able to do the dishes, pump (over 3 oz!) and eat breakfast. Im in love with that thing and every new mother should have one.

Last night was a rough night, no matter what we did Kensley wouldnt go to sleep. We fed her, rocked her, put her in the bouncy seat, burped her, changed her diaper...nothing worked. Finally around 7am I laid her in the crook of my arm and let her sleep beside me and she slept until 11. I always said I would NEVER let her sleep in bed with me. But when your at that point, you will do anything to get her to stop crying. I know your not supposed to let them sleep in bed with you, but I wasnt completely asleep...I never really am. Im poking her face to see if shes still breathing and every deep sigh, or coo, or mumble jerks me wide awake. But I am feeling pretty good from that 4 hour stretch.

Im going to go take advantage of the fact that she is still sleeping and get some laundry done!



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