Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Shower Part 1

Baby Shower (part 1)

Yesterday was our first baby shower with my side of the family. Ive been stressing about it for weeks, mainly because my gma insisted on calling me up to 6 times a day to talk about it. In the end, it was a great day. Soo many people showed up (I think we had over 60) and I was suprised and flattered by that. The food was excellent, our cupcakes were adorable and Im pretty sure everyone had a great time. One of my closest friends from high school even drove 4 hours to make it! I havent seen her since my wedding so its been almost 4 years. Her and her husband said they would definitely come stay a weekend after Kensley is born. Im too excited about that!! Also, we got soo much stuff! I am so blessed to have such great friends and family. Dave and I were blown away by their generosity. Some big things we got were the Pack N Play, Papasan Cradle Swing, Papasan Bouncer, sooo many clothes!!, tons of bottles, nipples, bibs, burp cloths, receiving blankets, stuffed animals, toys, blankets galore, bath stuff...I could go on and on. Oh, and a lot of diapers!

The one thing I wished I could have changed was the fact that I wore a cashmere sweater, and I was soo hot I was sweating bullets throughout the entire shower. I may have to find something cooler to wear to the second one. You can see how flushed my cheeks are in most of these. I was dying. lol.

I have over 80 some pictures from the shower, so instead of boring you with all of those Im just going to pick a few to share! ;)

Our "baby" cupcakes-


Me holding my cousin's 4 month old daughter, River. she got 4 shots on Friday and is teething now, so she wasnt having the best day-


Dave and I kept tabs on who got more "I love Mommy" or "I love Daddy" things. He won.


That whole bag had the bathtub, wash, lotion, bath towels, washcloths (enough for 3 Kensley's ;)


Dave had the notion that it was a good idea to make me hold the bags on my non-existant lap.


This was a great joke, my friends Eric and Danielle bought us everything that happened to do with nipples. They bought bottles and every size of nipples for them (I think like 20 different nipples alone!), breast pads, cream for cracked name it. Everyone got a huge kick out of that. Oh and lots of burp cloths that said, "Got Milk?" haha


This is the majority of what we brought in after the shower-


You know how on a baby story, you always see the dad putting things together after the baby is born and already home from the hospital? Not my husband. He insisted on building everything right in the middle of all that mess.


These are all the diapers we got from the shower!! I couldnt believe how many people brought diapers. I think we will be good for at least 2 days now.


We also did something where instead of buying a card, we had people buy their fav childhood book so that we would have a good number of books to read to her. They all wrote a little note on the inside of the book, so we could tell Kensley who each book was from, and that way we can remember who all came to the shower everytime we read the books! We got soo many books! I forgot to take a picture of all the books but Ill try to take one later to show. And we only got two duplicate books out of like 50 or so.

We actually got everything organized, and for the most part put away last night. I need to get more hangers for all the clothes she got yesterday. Did most of you mom's buy dreft to wash the clothes in? I was wondering if I could use something like Free and Clear because dreft is so expensive. That way I can start washing her 0-3 month stuff and all the blankets and things.

Oh this was a long post, and to think we have another shower in 2 weeks for Dave's side of the family! We are so very blessed! Like we said last night after getting all the stuff put away, "Now we just need our baby girl!"

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