Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy 30 weeks Kensley!

This week I have started to feel nauseous all over again, but today was the worst. I had to go to the hospital this morning and have another blood screen and get my RH Negative shot. I dont know if it was because the hospital felt like 102 degrees, or getting blood drawn, or the shot...but I came home and threw up, then passed out and then have been feeling awful all day today. Ive heard of morning sickness coming back in the later months, and Im really hoping thats not the case. I slept for a few hours but I still feel sick to my stomach. Im off to rest a bit more. Ill try to get pics taken sometime today or tomorrow to show off my 30 week bump

*Edit* In need of diaper bag help!

To those of you already mommies, Im having some trouble picking out a diaper bag. The dooney & bourke one I want is $325, and I found a few that I like that are significantly less (but still a nice bag that I can use even after the baby is older). I was hoping you could give me your input!

The dooney & bourke bag: I want it in brown, and the pic doesnt do it justice. Its huuuge. lol


The storksak messenger bag: Its the same on Angelina Jolie had and she has 700 kids so I figure she would know a good diaper bag. Its $215


The storksak gigi rose: $158


and this is just the cutest little diaper bag that totally looks like a purse. Its a bit smaller than the others so thart worries me....The Mia Rose 308- $95

Mia Rose   mat

So there ya go! Help me out! ;)

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