Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy 33 Weeks Kensley!

We met our pediatrician today. He seems very nice and he is young, he looks just a little older than Dave and I. We had a lot of questions for him and he answered them all and usually with a sense of humor which I like. We found out that he has a baby and experienced problems with breastfeeding so he can relate. He also said that being the parents we spend more time with our kid than he does, so he will take into account what we have to say when something seems wrong, and not just think we are coo coo for cocoa puffs. The nurse that took us into the room also answered questions and she talked about how much she really loves her job and the staff she works for. Basically a really good feeling about the practice. Our pediatrician even said he gives out his home phone number. Cant get much better than that.

A new, fun ailment I seem to have is that it feels like my hips are sliding and popping out of place when I walk. It happened twice yesterday and then right before bed, and then again this morning when I woke up. It hurts like hell, but I also look have rediculous because I almost fall over every time it happens. I started doing pilates for flexibility again and that helped my back feel better for about 30 minutes afterward, but that's all. Oh the joy of being a human beach ball. I also noticed like 3 small purple looking stretch marks on my lower belly. GRRRRRR. That is the one thing I didn't want. I don't mind the light colored ones, but not those nasty purple ones. They are all super tiny dots right now. I'm hoping they don't spread...My weight gain has been pretty slow and steady and Ive slathered on vitamin E lotion everyday, its just damn genetics. Oh well, Ill have something very beautiful soon to distract me from my disgusting self ;)

And here are my 33 week pics!



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