Thursday, January 17, 2008

32 Week Checkup

Just got home from my 32 week checkup at the doctor. Everything is looking really good. I gained about a pound a week this time, so right on schedule with that. My belly is measuring right on track, and he thinks she weighs a little over 4 lbs. He told me she is at least under 12 lbs Her heart rate was around 130-140, so there goes that whole wives tale, because her heart rate has been on the low side the entire time. We had a ton of questions this time, but I really like this doctor. He let us know that episiotomies are really rare, he has only done a dozen or so. Which makes me feel better, Im not looking forward to one of those. He also gave us a slight hope that Dave may be able to help deliver the baby, its just up to who delivers us and the hospital's standards (which we are going to ask our nurse about next week in child birthing class). Just feeling extremely lucky and grateful that everything is going smoothly so far. I know many of you momma's are on bed rest and going into preterm labor, and I think about you all the time.

I didn't hardly sleep a wink last night, I dont know what my problem was. I couldn't get comfortable and then when I was comfortable I could feel my blood pumping through my stomach (like when your temples throb?) If that makes sense. It was so annoying. Then my brain just wont shut off. I guess Ill be getting used to the lack of sleep very soon.

Im meeting a friend for lunch today at Don Pablo's. Im excited for mexican. And excited to see her too of course. Coming home to cuddle up with my fabulous, sexy husband! Thats pretty much my day. I have yet to take a 32 week pic, so Im really going to try to get one tonight after work.

Hope all of you ladies are having a great Thursday. Its almost the weekend!!!

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