Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy 31 weeks Kensley!

Only 9 more weeks to go. How amazingly scary is that? Im going from feeling completely ready to have her here, to freaking out that we have nothing ready. What is with TLC and A Baby Story? I watched it today and it completely freaked me out. I used to watch it just to see the adorable babies, but now its hitting me that Im going to have to do that too. In like, 2 months. Holy Freaking Cow. So today I spent the entire episode bawling my eyes out. The woman almost died during labor and then her daughter got pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital for a week. Just what I need to see.

I watch these shows and then I see myself in that exact situation. A Baby Story should know better than to show an overly neurotic mom-to-be and episode like that. I should sue them for the distress and sleepless nights they have now caused me. Same with Grey's Anatomy. I saw the preview for this week's show and the one ladies baby is about to die. I mean, can you give my heart a break? I cant take much more of this. Thank God that Oprah has been showing re-runs lately. I don't have enough tears reserved.

My birthday weekend went really well. Like I said, the hubby made me breakfast in bed and bought me a balloon and the most precious birthday card. I just had to share what it said.

The One I Love

Once in a while,

right in the middle

of ordinary life,

love gives us a fairy tale.


That's what it feels like

being with you!


Teddy (A.K.A Daddy) :)

This is so true! Happy Birthday Baby (A.K.A Mommy!)

I thought it was one of the sweetest cards. I love how excited my husband is to be a dad. I took pics of him the other night with his stethoscope listening to her heartbeat. He makes my heart melt. Which is why I felt awful when I had a breakdown on Sat night. We were going to Red Lobster for dinner, but when we got there at 5:30 the wait was an hour. There was no way myself or my baby were going to wait an hour to be fed, so we had to come up with something fast. I called the restaurant where I work, and the wait was 3 hours. So that was a no go. I ended up yelling at my husband to just take me home. I was super bitchy and I know it was hormones, and thankfully so did he. I HATE getting so upset so easily. We ended up going to Ruby Tuesday's. They have the most amazing fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade. They put it in a cocktail glass for me too. I felt special. Plus our friend Eric paid for everyone. Does he rock or what? We came home and played apples to apples and then Scene It 2. I made it to bed, exhausted right around 2 a.m.

Sunday morning we went to IHOP for breakfast, walked around the mall, went grocery shopping, finally had dinner at Red Lobster and then rented Shoot 'Em Up. I was in heaven. I LOOOVE Clive Owen. The movie is completely nuts and a spoof on action movies. I doubt many people would enjoy it, but Clive Owen could dress up like a bunny rabbit and Id go see it. And I got to see his bum in the movie. Very nice.

Tomorrow is our first Childbirthing class. Im excited to go. Im also getting a facial and make-up application at the spa tomorrow morning. I need to see how much a manicure would be, Id like to get one before the shower. So I am definitely looking forward to that. Ive never had a facial before :) My hubby rocks for getting me one.

And some random pics I thought Id share...

My adorable husband :)



The beautiful picture my mom cross-stitched for the baby's room. (Sorry about the glare...)



P.S. Can you believe the weather? Its 62 outside right now! Im going to go for a walk in a bit :)

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