Saturday, August 7, 2010

1 month check-up



Weight: 12 lbs (98%)

Height: 21 1/2 inches (25%)

Head: 15 inches (25%)

Rowan had his one month check-up yesterday. Everything is looking really good. We had a few questions about his eating because when he takes a bottle sometimes it all runs out of his mouth and he wastes a lot of precious breastmilk! We were worried he might be tongue tied but the doctor checked and told us that he wasn't. He also has a pretty bad looking diaper rash and since he is soiling his diaper so much its been hard to get it to clear up. He suggested that we spend a little time each day with the diaper off so that he gets exposed to fresh air and oxygen which will help clear it up. So after bath time today we let him lay around naked for awhile. Of course he peed all over us ;) I am hoping it clears up soon though. He didn't have to have any shots this time around which was a good thing. Next month though :( We are just super happy to have a healthy baby boy!

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