Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday/Kid Fest

First off I would like to tell everyone that today is my momma's birthday! I don't dare say how old she is (although she is still quite young)! We spent the afternoon visiting with her and then we headed over to the Kid's Fest that was going on in my hometown. Kid's Fest is something put on by the churches in our community for the kids and it is all free. They had bouncy houses, hot dogs, snow cones, ice cream cones, face painting, balloon animals and they even brought the fire trucks over for the kids to see.

Can I just tell you how much becoming a mother has made me lose all of my brain cells? I now must make a list for everything and I never used to be like that! The other day at the grocery store I had a list but had to keep going back to isles I had already been down because I kept forgetting things! We must have spent over an hour in the grocery store and I think Dave wanted to shoot me! ha!

Then today I took my little pocket camera so I wouldn't have to lug my nice big one all over the festival. I took some pictures and when I went to take pictures of Kensley with her ice cream cone I couldn't find it anywhere! Here I left it on the sign-in table and thankfully it was right where I left it. I swear, if my head wasn't screwed on so tight...

Anyway, Kensley had a blast at Kid's Fest. (Rowan stayed home with Gigi because it was unbearably hot today). She really loved the bouncy houses. I think they had 5 or 6 different bouncy houses and she ran and jumped in all of them.


Here are some of the members of the church who helped make balloon animals


Kensley got a balloon dog. He tragically popped from the intense heat about 5 minutes later. Believe me I felt his pain!


Thankfully they did have an air conditioned area set up where you could have an ice cream cone and cool off!


I can't tell you how days like today make me look forward to fall and cooler temperatures. It would have been so fun to stay longer and let K enjoy everything at the festival but it was far too hot to enjoy it. We came home tonight to a thunderstorm and we played in the rain to cool off a little. You should have seen the steam coming up off the road!

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