Monday, August 23, 2010

A nice weekend

This weekend was a busy one. Saturday Dave and I got a chance to go on a "date" in the afternoon while his mom watched the kids. I call it a "date" because we spent most of it running errands that we just don't like to do while we have the kids with us. I picked up my prenatal vitamins, returned some things to Babies 'R Us, and stopped at Kohls to get Kensley some footed Pajamas. We did get to stop at Quaker Steak and have lunch so it wasn't all business ;)

Here is a pic of Dave and I on our little "date"


Here I am bored and waiting for Dave to get back from running in the store. Please excuse my terrible roots. They are getting highlighted tomorrow! ha!


We came home and went to our friends house for dinner and let the kids play. We got home around 9:30 and we were pretty much all in bed by 11. That is pretty early for us but we were exhausted. In big news- Rowan slept 5 hours in a row that night! He woke up to eat and then slept another 4. He is getting much closer to sleeping through the night!

Sunday we headed to the outlet mall for some shopping. Gigi came with us because she has never been. Let me tell you, we need to get those dvd players that go on the back of your seats. Kensley is so much better in the car when she can watch a movie on the way there. They go on sale pretty cheap around Christmas so I think we will get them so both the kids can watch. Well, once Rowan can face forward ;) We got a lot accomplished at the outlet mall. Both kids now have fall/winter jackets, we got Kensley a pair of boots and more socks, and they both got a lot of fall/winter clothes. I am so excited to try to get their pictures taken in some of the outfits.

Kensley was in love with this ride inside the food court. She DID NOT want to get out of it and continue shopping.


We left the mall early because Gigi started to feel really ill and was having blurred vision. She went to the doctor today and he thinks it might be ocular headaches? If she has an episode again she was told to go to the ER to make sure. I hope that is all it is, it was pretty scary yesterday but she was feeling much better by the time we got home. She took us out for ice cream because she felt bad! haha That's Gigi for you!

Then we came home and napped. We sleep whenever we possibly can! ha!

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