Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coming to a Close

Can you believe that we are almost into September? I feel like this summer just flew right by us. Last week it even felt like fall was right around the corner with temperatures in the low 70's here. This weekend it was back up to the high 80's and the next two days should be in the 90's so we are trying to soak in the last few days of summer we have left. Lord knows that in 2 weeks it could be snowing. This is Ohio after all.

Today we headed down to my parents house so that we could all go swimming. It was my first time since I got the go ahead from my doctor and the water was lovely. I can't believe how much Kensley enjoys the swimming pool. I am definitely going to look into open swim times to take her to the YMCA this fall/winter. I know she would love that and I want to keep her used to the water and working more on her swimming.

We completely stuffed ourselves on burgers and pasta salad and my mom made chocolate brownie sundaes with ice cream and chocolate syrup. I think my mom is one of the only people who still buys Hershey's syrup from a can. I laugh every time I see one because it is such a reminder of my childhood and how my brother and I used to get to suck the last little bit out when it was almost gone.

Kensley chowed down on some fresh from the garden tomatoes and pasta salad.




Rowan pretty much slept the entire time. It was so warm outside it lulled him into a deep, deep sleep.



As much as I am looking forward to fall I sure am going to miss these warm summer days!

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