Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Just a Girl

When I was a little girl I just loved to play in my grandma's jewelery box. She used to sell Avon and she had so much beautiful costume jewelery and she always let me play with it. I remember her long pearl necklaces and beautiful dangly earrings. The most prized possession of mine to play with was her tiara from her wedding day.


I used to wear it and pretend I was a princess. Today Kensley played in my jewelery box.



She picked up and played with each piece slowly and carefully before moving on to the next piece.


She played with the flower her daddy wore on the day he married me


and she wore the tiara I wore that very same day


I have to say its sort of surreal watching her play with the things we wore on a day when she was just a future dream of ours. A wish that had yet to come true.


For she is such a fabulous dream come true


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